The Importance of Winter Tires in Cranbrook, BC

If you’ve spent more than a season in Cranbrook, you’ll have firsthand knowledge of the span of conditions we face on the roads, from heavy rain to wet snow, ice, and more. The ever-changing weather conditions impact the way you drive, so to ensure you’re continuing down the road safely you’re going to want a set of winter tires.

Read on to learn more about the importance of winter tires, and then stop by Cranbrook’s Spring Honda to have us help you find the right set of tires to get you through the winter season.

Why You Need Winter Tires

As the only part of your vehicle that actually touches the road, the importance of having the proper tires simply can’t be overstated. This is especially true in winter, where the special treads and rubber compounds found in winter tires will allow you to best grip the road when conditions aren’t optimal. Not only do winter tires reduce braking distance and provide superior handling, but they make the road safer for everyone on it—and help keep your vehicle out of the body shop for a minor fender-bender (or worse).

When Should You Change Your Tires?

While you might imagine that the best time to put your winter tires on would be at the first snowfall, the reality is you’d be wise to put them on well before that. As all-season and performance tires are made up of a different rubber compound than winter tires, they start to become hard and lose their elasticity at about 7 degrees. So this means when Fall rolls around and the temperature starts off low in the morning, your tires simply aren’t performing at their best. While this may seem like an expensive proposition, keep in mind that you’ll be switching back and forth between these two sets of tires year-in and year-out, meaning the two sets of tires should last about twice as long as if you had just the one set—simply imagine it as an investment in your vehicle, especially when you’re buying new.

Are Two Winter Tires Enough?

If your vehicle is equipped with front- or rear-wheel drive, you might feel like you could get away with purchasing just two winter tires for the appropriate axle. However, buying a full set of winter tires will do two things: first off, and most importantly, it will provide the safest driving experience. Having winter tires on only two wheels will lower their ability to grip the ground and turn. Second, your other tires will wear down unevenly, leading to potential alignment issues along with a decrease in your vehicle’s fuel economy. So while you could get by with just two winter tires, the long-term costs associated with that decision could be far greater than just purchasing a full set.

Get Your Winter Tires from Spring Honda Today!

Invest in your Honda and its performance with a set of winter-specific tires this Fall, and reap the benefits of more control, better fuel economy, and a safer drive. Stop by Spring Honda today to chat with a member of our team and find out which winter tires are best for your Honda, or check out our online Tire Tool here.