Rear Cross Traffic Monitor

Honda multi-angle rearview camera system displayed on hondalink screen

Advanced Safety: Rear Cross Traffic Monitor at Spring Honda in Cranbrook, BC

Like an extra set of eyes watching over you, Honda’s Rear Cross Traffic Monitor system can be the difference between keeping your Honda in pristine condition or spending time in a loaner while your vehicle is in the body shop—and we know which one we’d prefer. A seemingly simple system that takes a serious dent out of parking, while keeping dents out of your Honda, the Rear Cross Traffic Monitor is the feature you never knew you needed (and one you won’t want to live without). Read on to learn more about this advanced safety feature with the team at Cranbrook’s premier destination for all things automotive: Spring Honda!

What is Honda’s Rear Cross Traffic Monitor?

Honda’s Rear Cross Traffic Monitor system is exactly what it sounds like—a system that watches for traffic approaching you when you’re in reverse. By using specially positioned sensors—the same ones utilized by your Blind Spot Information system— your Honda can detect traffic crossing your path when in reverse. 

Why do you need the Rear Cross Traffic Monitor system?

Well, maybe ‘need’ isn’t the right word, but once you’ve gotten a taste you’ll never know how you lived without it. By chiming in with an audible alert, as well as a visual display on your Display Audio System screen, you’ll be warned about any impending collisions when in reverse. This, combined with your Honda’s multi-angle rearview camera with dynamic guidelines, makes parallel parking or parking in tight spaces an absolute breeze.

Simply another way that driving a Honda makes your life easier, and instills more confidence in your drive, the Rear Cross Traffic Monitor system makes parking and reversing out of parking spots as easy as possible. To learn more about the other advanced safety and convenience features found in your Honda, check out our Technology page, or simply contact us with your questions via the form below. Because just like your Honda vehicle, Spring Honda has your back!