Guaranteed Trade



Today's Customers Need to Feel Empowered

Guaranteed Trade is a tool that is so engaging customers are now capturing their trade-ins from their home.

How It Works

Once you have entered your vehicle and contact information, the system gives you a trade value and then sends out a link to Guaranteed Trade for you to download. Once downloaded, it opens up into the camera guiding you through a proper walk around.

Getting Started

Once you have downloaded the app, you will be prompted to follow the walk-around steps to capture exterior and interior photos as well as any applicable damage photos. As we go through the steps of decoding your VIN and confirming options, you will be asked some basic questions to help us in giving you a guaranteed trade value.

Let's Get to Work

Once submitted, we will have all the relevant information to internally appraise your vehicle. You will receive a "Guaranteed Trade" value based on the information you provided.