How to Maximize Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

One of the great things about buying a Honda, is you’re buying a vehicle that’s proven to be exceptionally reliable—the type of ride you hand down when your children start driving. Of course, sometimes you just want to trade in and trade up to get behind the wheel of a new Honda, like the revamped Civic. No matter your reason, we’re here to break down a few of the ways you can maximize your vehicle’s resale value, so you can get the most cash back. And of course, we’re always happy to appraise and purchase pre-owned vehicles here at Spring Honda. So read up on the tips below, and then click the link below to learn more about our Pre-Owned Vehicle Buying Center!

Take Care Of Your Vehicle

The easiest way to ensure your vehicle retains the maximum value is by simply taking great care of it—and the easiest way to do that is by keeping up on the suggested scheduled maintenance. Regular service is a simple way to get the most out of your Honda, not to mention avoid pricey repairs down the road. It’s also best to get repairs done when an issue pops up, rather than push it down the road where it could negatively impact other aspects of your vehicle’s performance. Regular car washes and detailing also help keep up the appearance of your Honda, while we also offer XPEL Paint Protection Film which will help keep your vehicle looking its best for years to come.

Repairs, Touch-Ups & Upgrades

From touching up your vehicle’s paint job with an OEM-approved paint pen, to ensuring minor maintenance like air filters are replaced, will go a long way in maximizing the value of your pre-owned vehicle. We’re not suggesting you pop the hood and start tinkering away, but there are many small fixes that can be done at home. YouTube is a great resource for those looking for help on vehicle maintenance, with many videos offering step-by-step instructions on how to perform these simple repairs. In terms of upgrades, having an extra set of tires or rims will never hurt, and other accessories like weather-resistant floor mats are a great way to boost the price of your vehicle (and keep it clean).

Check the Tires

Ensuring your tires are in good condition is another way to add value to your vehicle when selling; clean tires and rims will always be an appealing aspect of a vehicle. However, this is an area where performance comes before aesthetics, so tires with a healthy amount of tread will always add substantially more value than an older, well used set. Bonus points if you have a set of winter tires to throw in the deal as well.

Prepare Your Documents

Whether you plan on selling your vehicle or not, it’s always a smart move to keep any physical records of maintenance and repairs done to your vehicle. When presented during the sale process, not only does it show that you’re a diligent owner but it puts any fear that the vehicle might’ve been neglected to rest. Once again, regular vehicle maintenance is easily the best way to ensure your vehicle performs at its best, so even if you plan to sell or upgrade your vehicle down the road you should always follow the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule.

So, with your documentation, tires, and clean, well-maintained vehicle in tow, come visit Cranbrook’s Spring Honda to get the maximum value for your vehicle. Whether you’re just looking for a little extra cash, or want to upgrade to a newer model, we’re happy to purchase all makes and models of used vehicles—if they’re well taken care of. Combining current market valuations alongside our years of industry experience, we’ll always offer you a great price on a quality pre-owned vehicle. To learn more simply stop by Spring Honda, or check out our Car Buying Center page for more information including a quick and easy online form that will get your free appraisal process started!