About Us

Giving our best for our customers is the goal.

That’s why at Spring Honda, every day, we dig deep, we do it right, we take immense pride in what we do, and we work hard to help others around us succeed. From our receptionists and technicians to our detailers and sales professionals, there is a committed team effort throughout our organization to incorporate integrity, positivity, excellence and transparency in our people, processes, and products.

Because the Spring Honda team can only win when our customer wins. That means if it matters to you, it matters to us. We genuinely want you to come happy and leave happy, knowing you got exactly the outcome you had hoped for in your decision to buy, sell, or service your vehicle with us.

That’s why we give our best. Every day. 

And because of that, along with the fact we work with one of the world’s top rated vehicle lines, we’ve built a reputation that has driven our Cranbrook dealership into the top tier of automotive dealerships in the Province.

As we’ve learned, through honest and hard work, giving our best—to our customers, to our staff, to our community—is key to our success, which is built around being a place where people want to do business.

Here to help,

Dave and Corey Spring, Owners