Off-road & Adventure Ready: Honda’s TrailSport Trim

2022 honda passport trailsport trimIf there’s one thing our customers know, it’s that rough weather can strike at any moment; this, mixed with the rugged conditions found just outside our main roads, makes Cranbrook the perfect stomping grounds for off-road ready vehicles. While Honda may not be the first name you think of when it comes to off-roading, the upcoming TrailSport line of trim levels is looking to change that. Offered on select SUVs and pickups, the Honda’s sporting TrailSport badging will be well-equipped to handle whatever the path less travelled has in store for you. Read on to learn more about Honda’s upcoming TrailSport trim with your source for all things automotive in Cranbrook: Spring Honda!

What can we expect from TrailSport vehicles?

Rugged Design

Inside and out, TrailSport Hondas will be designed with the great outdoors in mind. From updated front and rear fascias, to stronger, more durable cladding found throughout the vehicle’s body, the TrailSport trim will look the part (in addition to performing it, too). High-contrast orange stitching and accents will highlight TrailSport models, while smart touches like all-weather floor mats will be available to make cleaning your Honda TrailSport after a long weekend of adventure a breeze.

Proven Performance

Taking Honda’s track-proven performance and reliability and transporting it onto unfamiliar, unstable ground isn’t as much of a leap as one might expect. The best-in-class i-VTM4 Torque Vectoring All-Wheel Drive system has already proven itself more than capable handling winter weather, while it has been tested just as extensively on rocky roads and muddy trails. Add in trail-rated performance parts like all-terrain tires, specially-tuned suspensions, underbody protection, and improved ground clearance, and any Honda sporting a TrailSport badge will be ready to handle whatever happens, wherever the road (or lack thereof) takes you.

Which vehicles can we expect TrailSport trims on?

Currently, TrailSport models for the Ridgeline and Passport are expected by the end of the calendar year, while we expect we’ll see TrailSport iterations of both the Pilot and CR-V in the near future.

To learn more about any of our Honda vehicles and trims, including the upcoming TrailSport models, give us a call or stop by our dealership. With a great selection of new and used vehicles, service, financing, accessories, and more, Spring Honda is Cranbrook’s premier destination for all things Honda!